Chinese professional curriculum is entirely relevant to China's Hanban foreign language curriculum development. Foundation courses for the comprehensive, listening, reading, speaking. Comprehensive one week for 7-10 hours in which section, and the remaining courses are one week four. From the third grade, the curriculum in addition to basic courses the Chinese culture, HSK, (third grade), Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, writing, advanced spoken language (business speaking), English - Chinese, Chinese - English or Russian - Chinese, Chinese - Russian translation (optional one), the ancient Chinese language, linguistics courses. Compact and rich curriculum for students to not only lay a solid foundation in Chinese, but also to enable students to better, more comprehensive understanding of China's cultural, historical and literary knowledge, but also to train students in the translation, business meetings, and teaching of their professional competence In addition to language courses, Chinese five-year professional students in the learning process will also be a very good at English and Turkish. Because from the first grade to fourth grade, we have arranged for students of English (a week four lessons), Turkish lessons .
    Embassy of China in Kyrgyzstan also very concerned about our Chinese language center. In Spring 2011 Festival, the ambassador's wife Mrs. Gu Ping visited , and gave a high evaluation. May 2011, Kyrgyz National University Confucius Institute opened in our university Chinese teaching center.
Each year, our students have the opportunity to participate in China held a one-month Chinese language summer camp. In addition to travel expenses outside funds held by the Chinese government to pay. Our center has nearly 30% of students participated in this event.
Chinese students in our school participated in the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) students of the certified rate is quite high.